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Text 2 GIVE

With so many using text for everything from conversation to photo sharing and more why not try using this amazing gift to have your church members, parishoners, volunteers and others to give to your great cause. 


The Text-to-Give product allows your donors to give straight from their phone using their app’s native text application ! Great for churches, special events and promotional materials!

Try it out now by texting any donation amount to (505) 492-0917.

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Have those who believe in your charity or cause give through email.  A simple 2 step process will allow those interested in giving to your non profit a new way to help their favorite causes.  


Allow your donors to give straight from their inbox with our patented 2-click buttons. Great for organizations that send out regular email newsletters.




Online 2 GIVE


Have those who give to your charity or non profit directly to your website with a API integrated Payments Link.


The Giving Portal is a powerful web donation tool that can ensure all donors are 2-Click enabled. The donor experience is optimized for desktop and mobile donors. Great for online donation forms and crowdfunding.