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WI-FI Customer Data


Data is KeyCollect your Customers data legally by offering FREE WI-FI in your location.

When Customers use your FREE WI-FI they agree to give you access to their Cell Number,

Email, Name, etc....

The Opportunity Take the information you have gathered from the FREE WI-FI access and harness the value in marketing to this audience directly. No need for sign up sheets, no more time wasted on spread sheets, data entry, etc....

How Will This Work Simply put, gather the necessary data and harness technology and market to these Customers through SMS Texting, EMail Marketing and wait for the proven return on this investment.

StatsticsData shows 97% of all text's are open

                       2X more likely to visit the location within the month increasing sales

                       35% opening ratio for email marketing costing you much less than flyers

                       The Average Customer will visit more often through specials and discounts

                        INCREASE SALES BY 30%

Complete Social Media Coverage

Online ListingsGet listed on all major search engines, directories.

Backlinks Backlinks are sites which can link back to your site giving you more exposure.

Tagging Tagging is words which are tagged to help your listing gete more notice from the key words which you have tagged.

Social Media Posting - Get listed on all major Social Media sites such as Face Book, Twitter, Goggle+, LinkedIn, MySpace and many others.

Web Site Design - Get a site designed by our 3rd party Designers. Some specialize in Word Press themes, Others can provide many other custom site builds. Responsive design solutions.

Logo Design - Need a new logo design? Looking for an updated look and feel?

Mobile App - Already have a great website? Let us create a Mobile App which will act as your responsive design and connect to your site.


All In One Marketing Program - Get all of our Social Media services with our "All In One" program. Social Media doen and posted for you monthly, Couponing, GEO Targeting, Alll of the above and more for $299.00 a month.

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