NEED A High Risk Merchant Account? WE CAN HELP!

We have up to 90% of High Risk Merchants Approved.

Technical Support / Gambling / Neutraceuticals / Adult / Financial

Health & Wellness / Legal / Software / Tobacco / Travel Hospitality

Prohibited Merchant Types:Bath Salts / Bail Bonds / Charity-Donation Chemicals / Cigarettes / Counterfeit Goods / Diamonds / Discount / Medical Programs / Drug Paraphernalia / Future Delivery over 90 days / Gold/Precious Gems Illegal Controlled Drugs / Master Merchant Accounts / Non-Profits Party Pills Potpourri Blends Raffles Weapons





For All Other Merchant Account Types not listed above please contact our office here. Let's Chat!

We will respond within 24 hours.


We have Partnered with most Major On & Offshore Banks to get your Merchant Account needs met!

NOTE: TSYS does not board High Risk Merchant Accounts