Become the Difference being Made.

If your an Entrepreneur or Business Professional who is looking for an Opportunity not only to earn a Life Time Residual income with Bonus' but to make a difference in many hundred or thousands of Business Owner's lives by helping them understand their bills, reduce expenses, guide in areas of compliance and much more. Where everyone is treated like a Team and not just a sales staff then this is the place. Contact our office. We try making a difference and want to change the perception that most Sales Persons have given to all Merchants.

Things which will help US as an Industry make Merchants become more trusting with potential Merchant Processing changes would include:

Full Disclosure of all terms, ETF's, Set up, Reprogramming fees and more. Keep It Honest

Offer your Merchants other resources which may not apply or benefit you the Sales Partner. Keeping your Merchants well informed of services which may benefit their Business long term will tell them you care about the outcome of their Business. If they do well you'll do well!

I'd love to see all Merchants come to our and other Sales Partners for Priting needs, Marketing needs, Supplies, Financing and more. You want to be the "One Stop Shop". A Trusted Advisor!

Merchant Benefits Included in our Program that your Merchants will thank you for are:

Free PCI Compliance ($99 Value)

True Next Day deposit (Up to 11:00pm est.)

Set It & Forget It Pricing (This is a benefit which continues to benefit our Merchants)

American Express starting @ 2%/ (Combined billing statements including Service & Support)

Personal Support Difference (This enhancement will save our Merchant lots of time)

T-Mobile Discounted program

Resell Partner Benefits Include:

Monthly Training Resources both from our office and HQ.

Bonus program for all new Approved Merchants

Monthly residual programs paying on true cost and no mark ups

T-Mobile Discounted program

Join us or not but Together We Will Make A Difference!

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