Whether your a Restaurant Consultant or a Vendor make sure to listen first before offering your products or services. Address the needs of the merchant not your wants. Merchants are bombarded daily with new advertising and calls coming in while trying to manage the day to day operations. A merchants wants some times play a role but normally they are looking to address needs.

As a good consultant does he/she asks questions that will improve the merchants bottom line. Sometimes those bottom lines include liquor technologies to control waste. Other times its helping a merchant find competitive or quality meat, produce providers.

My area of expertise is in the Payment processing arm of the Business. I love providing a complete overview with questions and answers to the pains they face with increased fees and rates. Interchange or Discount pricing both work. Some merchants like or prefer one over the other. Savings is not my biggest concern when consulting but making sure we have a solution to their pain points.

Could be bad customer or technical support. Having to wait on the line for over an hour for help to inexperienced support to a constant disconnect in the wifi/IP connectivity. Find where the need is and help them to stop the bleeding as one would say.

Above all else be honest and transparent with your answers. If you don't know then just say so. But make sure you address it and get back to them ASAP. This is your partner; treat them as they are.

Have a great day and servce your Customers well!

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