The Credit Card Guy has a new Partnership with NCR SILVER POS

We are always seeking to add new Point of Sale solutions for our Merchant Partners. Having a single POS solution has never been in our companies thinking are happy to add another Point of Sale to our arsenal of POS Solutions. Through our Processing agreement with Clearent we were able to establish this alignment.

NCR Silver has been in the Business of ATM Solutions and Point of Sale systems for a very long time and was a hardware favorite for NCR Aloha for many, many years. We look forward to this new partnership and look forward to all Silver POS has to offer our Merchants.

NCR Silver POS offers a wonderful variety of Solutions for Quick Service, Full Service Restaurants, Bakeries, Cafe's, Liquor Stores, Vape shops, Bars, Night Clubs and more.

Online Ordering, Loyalty, Email Marketing, Time Clock, EMV ready and many more features.

QUANTUM by NCR SILVER is the POS on the left which is Android based. It is an "All In One" POS. Offering a customer display screen, Chip,NFC,Swipe capability.

NCR SILVER original offering was the POS unit on the right in all black. It is IOS Apple based and offers all of the same great features for the most part. This software can truly compete with major POS solutions on the market and for a much better price point. We here at THECREDITCARDGUY are so proud of the Partnerships we have made over the many years. Always looking for the Best for our Merchants.

To hear more and receive information please email us.

Email our office: Call: 888-641-8910 leave a message.

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